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I Love Clean Hands Sticker


OK lets face it, having clean hands is basic hygiene. We all know that but does everyone practice it? Hmm maybe not as well as we would like.

So My Name Label have made a cute sticker that can be used around the house as a gentle reminder for people to do the right thing - wash their hands!

They can also be used at the office. Stick one on your desk so that others know you have high hygiene standards and that you expect the same from them too.

  • 6 stickers per pack.
  • Sticker size is 6cm x 6cm.
  • Made from a durable, waterproof adhesive vinyl.

A friendly, positive way to promote good hand hygiene.

Meet the Designer

Lulu's Story

Lulu's Story

Lulu grew up with My Name Label labels on all her lunch boxes, drink bottles, school clothing, sports gear and pretty much an...

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