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How to prevent an essay disaster.

20th March 2019 | News

My son Liam has almost completed a major economics essay, first one for the year (Year 12!), only some final tweaks and proof reading left to do. He saves it onto his USB and heads to school. He will add the final touches tonight and hand it in the following day. It has taken weeks of hard work and research and his relief is palpable.

This afternoon he comes home from school. Disaster - everything has gone terribly wrong. He has lost his USB. Left it somewhere but not sure where! He has retraced his steps but it is nowhere to be found. But "not to worry" I pray silently, he has a back up of his work right? I dare not ask as I know the answer from the look on his face. We have a strained evening as he frets knowing the essay is due tomorrow.

Suddenly his phone rings. It is a mate from school. He asks if Liam has lost anything, a USB perhaps? Shrieks of joy and relief, the little mini sticker along the side of the USB has identified it as Liam’s and the economics essay is safe. We jump into the car to retrieve it so Liam can put the finishing touches on his essay. As we drive home, Liam thanks me from the bottom of his heart for that name sticker that has saved his skin and promises, in future, to always back-up his work!