Name Label Value Packs

The freedom to label everything that leaves the house at a great price. Our name labels will go with you wherever you are - on your clothing, your bike, your school bag and drink bottle.


Get bang for your buck with label Value Packs.

Why choose to buy a Value Pack?

The name says it all, these name label packs are great value. Each pack provides a variety of different label products at a fraction of the cost of buying them individually. With savings of 30-40%, if you're looking to purchase a number of different products, the name label Value Packs are likely your best option. As the Value Packs include a number of different products, they are a great way to sample our name labels for new customers and to make sure you have all the different labels you might need.

How to decide which Value Pack to choose.

The first thing to do to help choose which Value Pack to purchase, is to decide if you would like just stickers, just clothing labels or a mixture of many different products. Our Mixed Sticker Label Pack is a great option if you want a variety of different sized sticker labels, but don't need other products. Similarly, the Mixed Clothing Label Pack includes different sized iron-on labels and stick-on clothing labels and is excellent if you don't need to label other items.

If you would like a variety of different products, then the next step is to think about how many labels you need. Each of the other Value Packs include similar products, but in varying quantities. The Starter Name Label Pack is great for new customers as an introductory purchase. The School Label Pack is fabulous if you have lots to label and customers often find they have enough labels to last them a couple of years. The Preschool Label Pack is an excellent option if you need a variety of label products but don't have as much to label.

Whichever name label Value Pack you choose, you won't be disappointed by the quality and value of the products!

Customising your labels adds personality and variation.

Once you've chosen your Value Pack, the customisation process allows you to personalise your labels. Add your text and then have fun with choosing a font, picture  and colour. Children love to help with these choices and involving them in the process can encourage them to love their labels and look after their belongings. 

Value Packs are loved by everyone.

Name label Value Packs are not only useful for children at school or preschool. School Preschool and Starter Packs are excellent for school-aged children as they provide name labels for lots of different items and situations. However, Mixed Clothing Label and Mixed Sticker Label Packs are also excellent options for older family members who live in Aged Care facilities, who might not need shoe stickers or bag tags. Additionally, lots of families love to use the Mixed Stickers to label communal family items that are often taken out of the home such as tupperware or sleeping bags. Whatever you need labels for and no matter how many you need, name label Value Packs are an excellent way to get useful, versatile, personalised name labels for your family and bang for your buck!