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School Shoe Labels


Size: 35mm x 35mm

Name labels for school shoes help identify one pair from another.

Have your children's shoes ever gone missing? Or is it difficult for your child to tell their black shoes apart from all the others once they are off their feet and all lined up on the floor. A simple solution is to name them with shoe labels. It makes it easy for them to be found and is one less thing for kids to worry about.

All shoe labels come with a clear protective overlay to ensure durability, at no additional cost.

3 great reasons why labels for school shoes are a great investment.

  • School shoes and sports shoes are expensive to replace if they are lost.
  • Kids shoes often look the same and are easily confused once they are taken off. Labels inside shoes ensure they are more easily identified and this makes life easier for kids.
  • You can design your labels with an icon which makes it easy for preschool kids to recognise their shoes even if they can't read yet. Of course, school kids also like icons!
  1. Remove the printed label from the backing sheet and stick into the shoe - under the child's heel.
  2. Rub your thumb nail over the top of the sticker to ensure it is firmly adhered. This pressure will help to activate the adhesive.
  3. Once applied, remove a clear adhesive overlay from the backing sheet and place directly over the top of the printed label. This will prevent the lettering from rubbing off under the child's heel.
  • 1) I have some clear labels in my shoe label pack. What are they for?

    The clear labels need to be stuck over the top of each shoe label to prevent the lettering from rubbing off under the child's foot.

  • 2) The print is rubbing off the label. Why?

    Make sure you use the clear protective overlays provided in your pack. They will prevent the print rubbing off the shoe label. Simply stick them over the top of the printed label.

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