Book Labels

Whether giving your books to a teacher or a friend, naming them will ensure they are returned to you.


Brilliant Book Labels

Personalise children's school books.

Each year children need lots of new exercise books for their classes and often most of the children in the class have books that look the same! School Book Labels are an excellent way to label your child's books and make sure they don't get lost among the rest of the class. Kids will love showing off their bright and colourful labels and teachers will thank you for clearly labeling your child's books with important information including their name, class and teacher. They also help young children keep track of which book is for each class and take responsibility for their school books.

Make covering books quick and easy.

The back to school period is busy and exciting for parents and children alike. There is so much to organise and covering school books is often one job that is time consuming and tricky. Personalised School Book Labels are an easy and fun way to make covering and decorating school books that much easier.  Choose labels in a colour and font they like or choose a picture of their favourite animal to help them take ownership of their books and love how they look at the same time. Attractive and practical, School Book Labels are a great option for your back to school organisation.

Never lose a book again.

You loved a book and raved about it to your friends, then generously lent your copy to someone, only to never see the book again. It's a common occurrence but always disappointing. 'Return My Book' labels help to remind your friends to return your book once they've read it. You can personalise the message on the label (eg. add your phone number or address) so there are no excuses for someone to not return your book.

Book Labels are perfect for people in bookclubs.

Bookclubs and book sharing groups are excellent ways to meet people and read a wide variety of new books. But, lending books to other members can mean they are sometimes not returned! A simple label with your name or phone number can help make sure your books are always returned to you. Lend your books to other members of your bookclub without the concern of losing it, with a 'Return My Book' label.