Scouts, Guides and School Camp

School camp and Scout Jamboree, lots of kids in one place who suddenly need to be responsible for their belongings. Only one answer - name labels.

Make sure your kids return with everything they took.

Make your things stand out when everything looks the same.

School camp, Guides camp, Jamboree. There can be dozens, or even hundreds of kids at these events all wearing similar or the same uniforms. The quickest, easiest and most effective way of helping your child identify their hat, shirt or pants from those of the other attendees is with name labels. Our personalised labels are quick and simple to apply and make it easy for kids to keep track of their belongings even when there are lots of similar items around. Plus, our labels are durable and long-lasting so you won't have to reapply them until your child grows out of their clothes or it's time to replace bottles and lunch boxes.

Stick on clothing labels are perfect for temporary labelling needs.

Maybe your child is borrowing some clothing they don't usually need, or you intend to sell some items second-hand after they have been used for camp. You need to label these items while they are away, but don't want it to be permanent. Our stick-on clothing labels are the perfect choice! These labels stick right on the care label of a clothing item and are temporary. They last through the wear and tear of school camp, and make it through the wash but are easily removed when it's time to return or sell your items. These are the perfect labelling option for any short term label needs!

If you're required to label items, make it easier on yourself.

Schools, Scouts and Guides groups and other youth groups will often require you to name any items your child is taking with them on outings or camps. That could mean labelling dozens of items! Forget scribbling with a marker pen or fiddling around with tricky label makers. Make a simple order and have your attractive name labels delivered right to you. All our labels, from stickers to clothing labels, shoe labels to bag tags, are quick and easy to apply and come with clear instructions in the package. When you have lots to do before your child goes on a trip, make your life a little bit easier with our super easy, super stylish name labels.