Celebration Labels

Design you own stick-on gift tags and thank you labels to personalise any celebration - Birthdays, Christmas, Easter or Weddings.

Personalised labels are perfect for all occasions.

Just one less thing to think about.

A child's birthday is always exciting and fun! But organising a child's birthday party can be an organisational nightmare of coordinating food, games, presents and guests. The traditional party bags are an extra task to add to the list, but are so beloved by kids. Party Bag Labels help to speed up the process and make the momento more personal. Get your children involved in the organisation of their birthday by having them stick the stickers to the bags while you make them. With Party Bag Labels, the task of making up party bags is quicker and easier, your kids can get involved and their guests have a personal momento of a fun party with their friends.

Never get stuck when you forget to buy a card.

Birthday Gift Stickers are a simple and attractive way to avoid the awkward situation of giving a gift with no card. Customised to your tastes, a simple but attractive sticker attached to a birthday gift is a perfect alternative to buying a card for every gift you give. Personalise them for gifts given by your children at the many birthday parties they attend, or show your love for extended family and friends with a sticker that has your family's names. The best part about Birthday Gift Stickers is that you can customise them with your own colour, test and font choices and they can stay safely in a drawer and used whenever you need them!

Make your busy life a little easier and your presents look great at the same time.

Christmas is a ridiculously busy time of year and wrapping presents is a time killer. Writing individual cards or gift tags for all the presents you wrap takes up precious time, but there is a solution! Christmas Gift Stickers are the perfect time-saving trick that keeps your pressies looking gorgeous. Customise your stickers by choosing the text, font and colour, to add a personal touch to your gifts. Don't let card-writing take up your precious time and make your gifts personal and attractive at the same time with our Christmas Gift Stickers.