Allergy and Warning Labels

Kids with allergies or other special needs? A simple label can help make others aware of your child's special needs.

Allergy and Safety Labels

Minimise harm to your little one

Being the parent of a child with allergies can be stressful, with every fibre of your being wanting to protect them from harm. While you can't place an invisible bubble around your child or send them off to school with a protective shield, there are lots of practical things that you can do to minimise potential harm. Along with informing teachers and other parents, the use of warning labels or allergy labels is a great way to help keep your child safe.

What are warning labels?

Also known as allergy warning labels or allergy warning stickers, these labels are used to identify children with allergies in order to keep them safe. If your child has allergies or other special needs, a simple label or sticker can help to make others more aware of your child's needs. While you can look after your child at home and while they're in your sight, these simple label systems make it easier to also look after them when they're at school, visiting friends, or at sports events.

The importance of allergy labels

There are more kids out there with allergies and food intolerances than ever before. While there is a growing awareness of this problem in schools and the general community, the dangers of exposure still exist and action needs to be taken to ensure the safety of your children. Also known as warning labels, allergy labels and allergy stickers can be easily placed on food items, lunch boxes, school bags, and anywhere else that will raise awareness. One mum told us that she stuck them on her child who was travelling as an unaccompanied minor on a long haul flight!

Benefits of allergy warning labels

Above all else, allergy warning labels and allergy stickers are designed to highlight children with allergies in order to avoid possible dangerous food exposure. These warning labels may also help others to treat your kid equally when it comes to food options. For example, kids with allergies are often treated unfairly away from home, with a label that highlights the needs of a particular child able to take the pressure off the child and increase the likelihood of them being treated equally. Here at My Name Label, we have a large variety of allergy labels to meet the needs of any health condition. And if you can’t find what you need for your child’s specific allergy then always call us and we can customize a label for you. We have done this for children with autism who need specific messages and contact information on their labels to help keep them safe.