Name Labels for Clothing

Easily labelled. Less easily lost. You choose - iron-on clothing labels or clothing stickers, our custom clothing labels are the best!


Iron-on name tags and stick-on labels beat using marker pen or sew-on labels.

Custom clothing labels

Custom clothing labels make it easier than ever before to look after the kid’s favourite clothing items, school uniforms and other belongings. In the past people have used marker pens to write names on clothing but this eventually washes off and it is often difficult to make the name clear and readable. The other old fashioned way to name clothing was to use sew on name tags. But this method is very time consuming and in today’s busy family life parents just don’t want to spend hours sewing labels on. Iron-on labels are a modern way to identify your belongings permanently and keep them safe.  The technology used these days has resulted in very durable iron-on labels that can withstand commercial washing and drying conditions.

And if you only need a temporary label solution we also have a stick-on clothing label that will withstand up to 20 washes. They must be used on the Care Label of the clothing but the beauty of them is that they can be easily removed (unlike our iron-on labels) if you no longer need to have that piece of clothing named.

What are our clothing labels made of?

Custom iron-on clothing labels are polyester labels with a strong adhesive backing that is activated by heat. They are permanent labels that cannot be removed without reversing the heating process. These labels can be customised to meet your needs. So, instead of risking loss or ruining your favourite clothing items by writing on them, you can create custom labels with any text you wish. While most people include their names, you could also include your phone number or the class of your child to make them easier to find when things get lost.

Stick-on clothing labels are made from a water proof vinyl with a super strong adhesive backing. They are small enough to fit on a Care Label and are a text only label. All out clothing labels are ideal for kids who are all very good at  losing things it seems! And they are perfect  if you and the kids use public spaces such as pools for swimming lessons, or school camps and scouts or girl guide outings and camps.

The importance of clothes stickers

Custom clothing tags, both iron-on and stick-on, are a great way to look after your clothes in any location. You don't even need your own clothing label maker (which needs expensive tapes to be purchased), with iron-on stickers easy to purchase in a range of sizes, colours, and personalisation options. Our custom clothing labels make it easy for other people to identify your clothing and return it to you when lost. Iron on names also help kids to identify their own belongings, which means less worry for them and less expense for you as a parent. You only need to recover one expensive item of clothing like a school jumper or blazer that has been named for less than 30 cents to see that clothing labels are great value.

Why choose us as your clothing label maker?

Here at My Name Label, we have a large selection of custom clothing tags to meet the needs of your family. All of our labels are washing machine safe and dryer safe, so you can ensure trouble-free, reliable performance month after month, year after year. We use an advanced, high quality clothing label material manufactured in Europe for maximum durability. Our range of iron-on and stick-on labels are available with a number of personalisation options.