Travel Labels

Going on holiday? We have travel tags, travel labels, travel stickers to suit every traveler.


Travel Tags and Labels

Go anywhere

Travel tags play an important role in domestic and international travel, not just helping you to identify your own bags but also helping others to track you down if luggage gets lost or stolen. Our travel tags and travel stickers are cost-effective, easy to use, and designed with the modern traveller in mind. These unique and friendly designs really can make your life easier.

Travelling for business

When you're travelling for business, the last thing you need is to lose your belongings. We provide a wide selection of travel stickers and tags, which you can place on your luggage, briefcase, clothing, and anything else that you don't want to misplace. Because all of our labels can be customised to meet your needs, you can include your phone number or address for easy identification and retrieval.

Travelling for leisure

Anyone who has lost a bag or two while travelling will understand just how frustrating it can be. Commercial air flight luggage tags will only take you so far, with their paper design easily torn and lost. It's a much better idea to take the situation into your own hands, with our travel labels and tags able to identify your bags wherever you go.

Different types of travel labelsĀ 

At My Name Label, we provide a wide selection of tags and labels that are ideal for travelling. While our small name labels are ideal for individual items, our tags are made with strong plastic and elastic ties that make them perfect for bags. We also provide a number of customised labels for clothing and other personal belongings, including iron-on clothing labels and stick-on clothing labels. So no matter what your need while travelling we have a solution to help make the trip more enjoyable.