Aged Care Labels

If you need labels for aged care, respite or retirement homes in a hurry you have come to the right place. While you make your elderly parents happy we will make your customised labels professionally and quickly.


4 reasons why using name labels in nursing homes is essential.

Keep track of clothing washed by a commercial laundry.

Many nursing homes use a commercial laundry for washing residents' clothes. It's an efficient way to thoroughly wash a large volume, but it also means that residents and family members can't keep track of clothing items during the process. Iron-on clothing labels are the best way to identify residents' clothing to ensure nothing gets lost in the wash. They are easy to apply following the provided instructions and stay in place for years, even after many washes at a commercial laundry (they've been tested!). The name is clear and easy to read and the labels are available in 2 sizes. Large labels are perfect for items such as shirts and trousers, while the mini labels are ideal for socks and handkerchiefs. Keep track of your clothing through the whole laundry process with iron-on clothing labels.

Labelled belongings are easily identified and returned.

It's so annoying when you leave a belonging behind and when you come back to get it, it's disappeared into Lost Property, never to be seen again. Name stickers are the simplest way to keep track of all your belongings in a nursing home. Books, music players, knitting needles, craft supplies, glasses, walking frames and much more can be labelled to not only help the owner, but also staff, keep track of any belongings that are misplaced. Labels can be designed to suit the owner's preferences. Simple, subtle labels can discreetly identify the owner, or brightly coloured labels can be used to help draw attention to the object. 

Clearly distinguish between residents with the same name.

When there are many people of around the same age all living under one roof, there are bound to be a few people with the same name. So what happens when a new staff member finds a misplaced book or pair of glasses? A fellow resident helpfully tells them that it belongs to Mary, but how does the staff member know which Mary? Name stickers easily identify belongings so staff members can return any lost property to its owner. Make sure your belongings are returned to you, and not someone else.

Address labels are an easy way help others remember a recent change of address.

When you or a loved one moves into an aged care facility, it can be a stressful time. The last thing you want to be faced with is ringing all your family and friends to update them on your new address. Address labels provide a simple solution! Write a quick note and send each off in an envelope sealed with a personalised address label. This way, friends and family have a record of your new address and the whole process is simple and easy for you!