Name Labels

Keep the family organised and simplify life with our name labels for kids.


4 Top Tips for Ordering Name Labels

Think about what you need to label.

Thinking about what items you need to label will help you decide which labels to buy. Considering the size and shape of the items you want to label will help determine which size and shape label you choose. 

Big and Small Name Label are great for lunch boxes, drink bottles and tupperware. Mini Name Labels are perfect for pens and pencils or small items like compasses. Name Spots are a bit of fun and work well for lots of different items. Jumbo Name Labels are ideal for jam jars, toys or platters. For sealing envelopes, or updating your address, Address Labels are a great choice. 

No matter what you need to label, there are lots of options for you to choose from and each product can be used in a huge variety of situations.

Consider how many labels you need.

Once you have decided which label product you want to buy, you must choose how many you want to purchase. Our name labels come in packs of set numbers, which are mostly multiples of 20. You can choose 20, 40 or 80 name stickers (or 120 mini name labels) depending on how much you want to label. Some families order and use exactly how many they need, whereas others make a large order and use the labels over a number of months or years. Choosing how many name stickers to order really depends on how much you want to label and how long you want the order to last. If you run out though, you can always re-order!

Customise your labels to add personality.

The most fun part of ordering name labels is choosing how they look. Children love to be involved in this part of the process and it can help to encourage them to love their labels and take pride in looking after their belongings. Type out your text and choose from our 6 different font options. Lots of people choose to have just a name on the label, but others add a phone number, class or address. Adding a picture adds a bit of personality to the label. Choose a cute image such as stars or a heart, or a picture of a favourite animal or sport. Finally, pick a single colour or colour set. Some people love a bright colour to make their labels stand out, while others prefer a simple black or white. Choosing a colour set gives you variety in your order as the labels are printed in an even number of each of the three colours. See a mock-up of your labels develop as you make your choices so you have an idea of what they will look like once finished.

However you decide to customise your labels, we are sure you will love the way they look. Each order is individually designed by one of our graphic designers to your specifications so they will look just right once they are printed.

Apply your labels and avoid lost property forever.

Once your order has been printed and delivered, you are finally able to label your belongings. Instructions provided with your order help you apply the name labels correctly. Peel the label from the backing paper and place it on the item you are labelling. They stick best on a smooth, dry surface with no silicone coating. Rub your thumb over the label to help the adhesive work. Avoid washing the item for 48 hours after sticking on the label to allow the adhesive to strengthen. Stick your new name labels on all the items you wish to label and then sit back and relax, knowing your belongings are now more likely to make their way home, and not into lost property.