School Bag & Luggage Tags

Your bag contains your daily life so you don't want to lose it. Check out our popular school bag tags and custom luggage tags and hang onto your bag!

School Bag & Luggage Tags

Personalised luggage tags

Personalised luggage tags are increasingly used as a way to identify luggage and other personal belongings. Whether you're looking for school bag tags, luggage stickers, or any other way to identify your luggage, our fantastic range of identification products are unique and made to last. Putting your name on your bag offers many benefits, not just helping you to identify your bag at the airport but also helping teachers and students to identify bags amongst the many that all look the same. My Name Label offers a range of customised luggage tags and school bag tags designed to help your bag stand out in the crowd.

What are custom luggage tags?

Personalised luggage tags provide unique ways to customise your tags and give your bags their own distinct sense of style. From different colours and sizes through to love hearts and other icons, there are lots of ways to make your bags feel more like your own. Along with being a great way to personalise your bags, custom luggage tags will make your bag stand out if it becomes lost, with names, phone numbers, and addresses often included to speed up identification.

Why are bag and tag systems so popular?

Bag tags are both highly functional and stylish, with our customisation features making it easier than ever before to create unique school bag and luggage tags with your own personality. No-one wants their bag to be left at school or lost at the airport. All our bag tags are made from sturdy plastic and come with a stretchy elastic tie. This means the tag can be pulled and not break. Our range of customised luggage tags make it easy for other people to identify your name and number and return your belongings to their rightful owner.

How to order your custom luggage tags

My Name Label make it easy to customise our fantastic products and order them through our safe and efficient website. Once you've decided on the label itself, all you need to do is select a colour and choose the customisation features that will match your needs. Our products are highly functional, made to last, and designed with your personality in mind.