Christmas Stickers

Celebrate the festive season with our range of Christmas stickers - for decorating envelopes, labeling gifts or making your own bonbons.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for ordering labels.

Make your busy life just that little bit easier.

The Holiday Season. There are parties, gifts to buy and friends and family to see, all on top of everyday life, children and work. It's the busiest time of year and we're always looking for ways to make it a bit easier. No longer worry about making sure you calculated the number of cards you need correctly, or spend precious minutes writing gift tags and cards. There's no need to stress when you realise you forgot to get Christmas cards for your work friends. 

Christmas Stickers are the perfect option to avoid any unnecessary worry and stress. Having a pack at home and ready for when you are wrapping gifts or in case you need to rustle up a present without a card will be a Christmas miracle.

Personalise your gift giving.

Forget the days of scribbling on a gift tag or generic Christmas card. Send your gifts off looking festive with a personal touch for your loved ones. Match your wrapping with your stickers for professional-looking gifts. Put a Christmassy image on your stickers for a fun and joyous message. Spread the Christmas spirit with a heartfelt message of love and best wishes from your family. 

Your family and friends will love to receive their gifts adorned with a gorgeous Christmas Sticker and you will love wrapping and sending gifts with a personal touch from you and your family that looks great at the same time.

Choose from a varied range of options.

There are Christmas Stickers for everyone and all situations available from My Name Label. Christmas Spots and Round Christmas Stickers are perfect for small gifts or sealing the envelopes of your Christmas cards. Likewise, the Bubble Christmas stickers are versatile and work on presents of all shapes and sizes. Their unique design is perfect for choosing an adorable Christmas-style image to liven up your gifts. Large Christmas stickers also work of gifts of different sizes and are a great shape for having a small amount of text and an image if you choose. Our Christmas Gift Stickers are larger and work best on medium to large gifts such as books or bigger presents. Because of their shape and size they are perfect for a short Christmas message and cute images to make your gifts look fantastic!