Book Lovers

Lent your books out and never seen them again? Using a name label, as a simple reminder, will help make sure they are returned to you.

Perfect for all kinds of lovers of all types of books.

Ideal for bookclub members.

Whether you are part of a book-swapping group or just love to share your favourite reads with family and friends, our Return my Book labels are perfect for you. It's so annoying when you try to lend a book to a friend, only to find that the last person who borrowed it hasn't returned it. Plus, it's hard to keep track of sometimes! A simple label inside your books can remind your friends to return your book to you once they have finished reading it. Never lose a book to a borrower again, order your Book Labels now!

Wonderful for teachers and students.

Teachers and students alike spend significant amounts on textbooks and novels for study. It's a real shame if they go missing or are not returned by those who borrow them. Make sure your textbooks are safely returned to you with our Return my Book labels. Stylish and simple, these labels are a clear reminder to anyone to return the book when they have finished with it.