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Party Bag Labels


Size: 28mm x 50mm

Sticker labels are a great birthday party idea.

Use our birthday party stickers to thank friends for coming to your party. That is really the main purpose of the party, or loot bag (although the kids probably don't realise this). Adding a 'Thank you for coming' sticker to your party bags adds a perfect (and polite) finishing touch to your birthday celebration.

This label shape can also be used as a name label if you like. Just choose a picture to go at the top and add you name to the label and you have something a bit different to the standard rectangular label.

  1. Putting on a kids birthday party usually involves long lists of things to do food, entertainment, venue, invitations, theme, party bags – it seems endless. But the one thing so often forgotten is that the party bag is not just about handing over sweets and lollies it is a way to say ‘Thank you for coming to my party!’
  2. So peel and stick – a personal ‘Thank you for coming’ message on the loot bags to add the finishing touch to your next birthday party.
  • Do you provide the bags or just the stickers?
  • We only provide the stickers. There are so many choices of bag or box out there we leave that up to you.

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Lulu's Story

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