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Address Labels


Size: 20mm x 50mm

Address Labels can be used in so many ways.

Our address labels are ideal for backs of envelopes or even notifying people of a change of address. Always keep our address label stickers handy to stick-on your envelopes or anything else. They are also perfect labels for school, labels for sports gear or office use. Our address label is a text only label with up to 4 lines of text. An ideal size to create stylish return address labels that parents can use for themselves. Or, if you like, you can use these labels for kids names too - especially if you only want text and need more than just a name. Like our other name labels, these are also dishwasher and microwave safe.

  1. Nothing difficult here! Remove the label from the backing sheet and stick it on your envelope. Voila!
  2. However, if you are using this size label for use on household items please see 'How to Apply' for Big, Small or Mini Name Labels.
  • 1) Can I use an address label for just a name and no address?

    Yes you can. Use this size label for just a name or name and phone number if you wish. You have up to 4 lines of text you can use.

  • 2) Can I use an address label for things other than envelopes?

    Yes you can. This is a vinyl label just like our big, small and mini labels. Just a different size that’s all. You can use it on all your household and personal items just like the other vinyl labels.

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Lulu's Story

Lulu's Story

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