Labels for School

So much gets lost at school! Make life for school kids simpler by naming school supplies and belongings with personalised name labels.

Avoid Lost Property with name labels for all aspects of school life.

The Problem.

It's inevitable that a child will lose something at school, it can even happen multiple times a year. Sometimes you're lucky and the misplaced item turns up in Lost Property, but often it disappears into the unknown abyss never to be seen again. 

It's not such a problem if the lost item happens to be the jumper that your child is growing out of and is fraying around the collar or the old stained lunch box which needs to be replaced anyway. It is a problem when it's the brand new pair of sneakers that you bought only last month or a backpack that is meant to last at least another 5 years.

The Solution.

Simple, easy and eye-catching, our huge range of labels are perfect for all aspects of school life. Stickers for lunch boxes and drink bottles, school books and pens. Labels for shoes and tags for bags. Permanent iron-on labels for clothing and stick on clothing labels for school camps. There is a label for any need you might have. 

Traditional methods of labelling are either extremely time-consuming, such as sewing on clothing labels, or unreliable, like using a marker pen. Our labels are easy to apply and, most importantly, long-lasting. When applied correctly, they don't unstick in the dishwasher, don't come off in the wash and don't rub or fade. 

Our personalised and customised name labels are the perfect solution to your Lost Property nightmares. Help make your expensive school items last longer, avoid yet another trip to Lost Property and make your life easier with our broad range of stickers that are perfect for school.