Labels for Childcare

Starting daycare or childcare is a big step. Name labels for daycare will give little kids confidence andĀ help make the transition smoother.

The best name labels for day care, hands down.

Even young kids in childcare will love their name labels.

Most kids in childcare are not yet reading, so identifying their possessions by reading a label with their name is not possible. Luckily, our brightly coloured labels and personalised images make it easy for even young children to locate their possessions. Childcare can be a busy place and there are often many similar-looking items around such as drink bottles and hats. Help your child learn to recognise and care for their own items by labelling them with our name labels. Personalise them with a colour and image of your choice, so you child will always recognise their labels and items. 

Name labels are a huge help for childcare workers.

Childcare workers have a tough time on their hands with so many children passing through their doors each week. Given that many children only attend day care a few times a week, it can be tricky for carers to keep track of all "stuff" that arrives. Having your child's possessions clearly labelled makes it much easier for the staff at day care to identify and return misplaced items. This is especially helpful if your child only attends childcare once or twice a week as the time between attendances can be a big opportunity for misplaced things to become properly lost.

Make your life easier during busy pick ups and drop offs.

Picture this scene: it's 5.30 in the afternoon, you've just left work and have arrived to collect your child from day care. You still need to pick up things from the dry cleaners before they close, get home, cook dinner, do baths and get the kids into bed. But what you were hoping would be a quick pick up is thrown off course, because your child's hat is not in their bag and the drink bottle they've collected isn't theirs. 

If your child's possessions are labelled with our labels, the ensuing exercise in locating the correct items is easy. Pick the bottle with the bright label bearing your child's name and locate the hat that has made its way into the lost property despite obviously showing their name on a clear and simple label. 

Make your life easier and avoid annoying and unnecessary episodes of rummaging around lost property with our clear, easy and attractive name labels.

Ensure your child's possessions make it through child care and into kindergarten.

Labelling items that go to day care with your child is the easiest way to ensure that those possessions are not lost. Making sure any misplaced items are easily returned to you is a simple way to hold on to useful possessions long term. There's no need to go through 5 drink bottles or multiple hats before your child even reaches kindergarten, simply by losing unnamed items, when there's an attractive, cost-effective and easy solution available. Our name labels are the key to ensuring your child's possessions stay with them for as long as they can, thereby avoiding the need for you to buy multiple replacements.