Labels for Preschool

Is that mine or yours? Personalised labels can help sort that out. Browse our tips on the best label tags for childcare & kindergarten.

Preschool labels and tags

Make it easier to find your child's belongings

Preschool labels or name tags make it easy for your little ones to look after their favourite belongings. As we all know, young children are very good at misplacing their clothing and other personal items, especially in a comfortable environment such as preschool. Our label tag products can be placed on clothes, school bags, water bottles, lunch boxes, and anything else that your kids are likely to misplace or leave behind. With a variety of colours and personalisation options, kids love our kindergarten labels almost as much as mums do.

What are preschool labels?

Also known as preschool tags or kindergarten labels, these label tag products have been specifically made for preschool-aged children and their parents. Here at My Name Label, we produce a large selection of childcare labels so you can relax knowing that your possessions are safe and secure. Our range of preschool products includes stick-on labels, iron-on labels, and bright durable plastic tags for kindy bags.

Why preschool kids need bottle labels and name tags

Young children love our name tag products for many reasons. Not only do they reduce the number of items that end up in lost property, but they also provide kids with a sense of ownership and personal responsibility by allowing them to identify their own belongings. Along with small name labels, we also supply big-name labels, shoe labels and school bag tags for the ultimate in organisation and responsibility.. Whether you're looking for an iron-or or stick-on solution, our preschool labels are made to last and designed to impress and kids will feel proud to see their name on their things.

What makes our preschool tags unique?

My Name Label often gets feedback from customers telling us that our preschool tags and labels are unique and loved by everyone who tries them. Compared to the fiddly label makers which use expensive tapes and the busy designs of many of our competitors, our labels are simple but can be customised by colour, text and cute icons such as love hearts and dinosaurs to make each label personalized just how you want it. Children love our labels because they provide them with a sense of individuality and help them to identify and respect the things that they love.