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Left & Right Shoe Labels


Size: 35mm x 35mm

Help little kids learn left from right with our special shoe labels for preschoolers.

These shoe labels make it easy for little ones to get their shoes on the right feet. A left foot on one label and a right foot on the other makes it easy to see which shoe should go on which foot. Starting preschool, childcare, or kindergarten is stressful enough for kids so if you can help by ensuring they have one less thing to worry about then that is a bonus. Left-Right shoe labels will help them feel more confident and teach them left from right in a fun way.

All shoe labels come with clear protective overlays (free) that make them very durable inside little people's shoes and school shoes.

Helpful tips for making the task of teaching kids how to put their shoes on frustration and stress fee!

  • Patience. Learning takes time so allow plenty of it when kids want to put their own shoes on. Make sure you are not in a hurry to get somewhere.
  • Practice makes perfect. When you don't have much on make a game out of putting shoes on and off.
  • Avoid laces until your child has developed the fine motor skills needed to manage them. Slip on shoes or velcro are other options.
  • Praise small achievements like getting their shoes on the right feet. Ask them to explain how they did it to reinforce their thought process to making the right choice.
  • Use shoe labels to assist in understanding left from right.
  1. Remove the printed shoe label from the backing sheet and stick into the shoe - under the child's heel. Make sure you get the left and right labels in the correct shoes!
  2. Rub your thumb nail over the top of the sticker to ensure it is firmly adhered. This pressure will help to activate the adhesive.
  3. Once applied, remove a clear adhesive overlay from the backing sheet and place directly over the top of the printed label. This will prevent the lettering from rubbing off under the child's heel.
  • 1) I have some clear labels in my left/right shoe label pack. What are they for?

    The clear labels need to be stuck over the top of each shoe label to prevent the lettering from rubbing off under the child's foot.

  • 2) The print is rubbing off the label. Why?

    Make sure you use the clear protective overlays provided in your pack. They will prevent the print rubbing off the label. Simply stick them over the top of the printed label.

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