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Name Labels Credited for Increasing Sales!

11th September 2018 | Customer Stories

Sharon Stevens started making and selling homemade products 11 years ago after a shoulder injury made it impossible for her to maintain a desk job. Now her business ‘Sharon’s Designs’ is so successful she spends almost every weekend hosting market stalls across Adelaide.

She often sews until the early hours of the morning and survives on 4 hours sleep making hand towels (her biggest seller), baby burp bibs, toiletry bags and aprons to name a few.

With each product boasting one of our My Name Label iron-on labels featuring Sharon’s business name and phone number, she credits the labels for encouraging customers to buy her products year after year.

“I get repeat business from the iron-on labels because if you give out business cards, people just lose them or keep them for a while and then throw them out. This way they can look at the hand towel and go ‘oh yeah I need another hand towel’ and contact me”.

Her customers are a whole array of people who tend to be attracted to her quality bright fabrics, especially on the hand towels. “People love them -  they’re good for the kitchen, they are also good for the bathroom and laundry” Sharon says.

“I have a running joke I tell everyone - men never wash their hands properly so men can use the back half of the towel and women use the front of the towel so the dirt doesn’t show on the front of the towel!”

“I use the labels all the time and I get so many compliments and they never wash off. And I get a lot of repeat business because of the iron-on labels”.

If your business has a product could benefit from branded labels like Sharon, then contact us today.

To find out more about Sharon’s Designs and which markets she will be at, visit her Facebook page.