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School Bag Tags


Size: 85mm x 54mm

School bags all look the same, so identify yours clearly with a customised bag tag.

Bright durable tags for bags are a great way to identify your school bag from all the others which often look the same. Also ideal for travel, so whether at school or at the airport you will know your bag when you see it.

My Name Label bag tags are made of durable plastic, just like a credit card, and can be personalised with images and different font options. To personalise your bag tags click on CUSTOMISE.

  1. Thread the end of the elastic tie that is not attached to the bag tag through a ring or zip on the school bag or back pack.
  2. Then stretch the loop back over the entire bag tag to attach securely.
  • 1) The elastic tie for my school bag tag has broken, can I get another one?

    Yes, just call us and ask, we are happy to provide another elastic tie.

  • 2) How strong are your bag tags?

    Our school bag tags are just like a credit card – same size and same type of strong, rigid plastic. The elastic tie is flexible so if they get pulled they will stretch rather than break. They are pretty kid tough – within reason!.

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Lulu's Story

Lulu's Story

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