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Hats Off To Aussie Success

22nd April 2018 | Customer Stories

Growing up in rural Queensland, sisters Victoria and Bernice know how essential a wide brim hat is under the brutality of the Australian sun.

Bernice’s passion for wide-brimmed hats lead her on a journey 6 years ago when she decided to learn how to make them and started her own hat company.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Bernice is now living in the US working as a master hatter and is part-owner of Jaxonbilt Hat Company – a company that makes custom handcrafted cowboy-style hats. How did she get there? Long story short, she travelled to the US to spend time learning how to make felt hats at Jaxonbilt Hat Company, bonded with the owner, and the rest is history!

With business booming, her sister Victoria was asked to look after the Australian side of the business from her home in Claremont, QLD where she has now learnt to make the palm-style hats herself.

I chatted to Victoria Beatty recently to find out about Jaxonbilt Hat Company and how she came to use My Name Label labels in Australia.

Jaxonbilt Hat with My Name Label label

Who do you sell your hats to in Australia?

“Our biggest clients are jillaroos, jackaroos, people who are out mustering… but in saying that I have done a few race hats as well and ladies gardening hats and hats for ladies to wear to town and that sort of thing as well”

What do you use My Name Label labels for?

“We use the labels (My Name Label iron-on labels) to brand our Australian hats with the company name and phone number, as well as to show the hat’s size.”

How did you find My Name Label?

“I did an internet search as I needed something that was iron-on, something that was easy, something that was quick, something that would last and so that’s basically how I got onto My Name Label”

How do you find our labels to use?

“The products are awesome. They are great labels, they’re easy, literally the iron goes on, I count to 4 and it’s on, it’s attached, you can’t get it off.”

Have the labels made your life simpler?

Most definitely because people tend to re-order by referring to the label. I’ve had people say ‘I ran into old mate down town and said “I love your hat” and so he just took it off and the phone number was in there so I just rung you off the phone number. So they are most definitely worth it.”

Jaxonbilt Hat Company sell mostly through their Facebook page with each and every hat custom made from start to finish (just like our name labels!). Or visit their website http://jaxonbilthats.com

If you need name labels for hats or clothing or any unique business need please contact us.